JC Wholeness Ministries


JC Wholeness Ministries is a Christian counseling ministry, founded in 2008 by Juliet Canha, that seeks to provide inner healing and spiritual wholeness for individuals and couples. Juliet received a ASPT Certification in Christian Counseling in 2010, and is also a Licensed Minister, and Pastoral Counselor with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

Counseling sessions typically take about 90 minutes and involve meeting with individuals and couples to help them process a wide range of issues that can hinder relationships with God and others. Juliet has a God given grace to minister according to Isaiah 61, to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free.  Juliet’s approach includes processing areas of pain with clients as well as helping them encounter God and His truth in the emotional and spiritual healing process. For couples, Juliet often ministers with her husband, Randy, who, along with Juliet, is a licensed minister. For more on what to expect and other counseling information, go to the FAQ page.

Juliet has enjoyed sending out devotionals electronically for years. A mentor of Juliet’s inspired her to sort through all of the devotionals and select those that best describe the Life Lessons that God is highlighting on her spiritual journey of Transformation and Rest. 

Juliet has loved butterflies since her youth (it’s a bit obvious by looking at the front cover of her new book). Butterflies are a beautiful part of God’s creation that speaks loudly of the divine power of transformation that occurs when surrendering our lives fully to Christ Jesus. 

This book is unique because it is a chapter book with significant themes (and a lot of Scripture reference) for a practical Bible study. With 100 Life Lessons and Challenges, one might use as a daily devotional. 

Here is an endorsement of my friend and mentor, Timm Emmons:

Juliet Canha’s book, Life Lessons in Transformation and Rest, is an extremely well-written book that, for many, will be a transforming and “life-giving” experience. I highly recommend it for any Christian who is genuinely wanting to grow in their intimacy with Jesus while in the continual process of being transformed into His image and character. This book contains excellent Life Lessons derived from Juliet’s own experiences of walking with Jesus and excerpts from many well-known and respected Bible teachers and authors. After reading and meditating on the many Godly principles spelled out in this book, one can only imagine the years of study, research, and dedication that the Lord has required of Juliet to express her Life Lessons so eloquently. As I said above, if allowed to do so, this book can not only be an excellent life-giving tool to accompany one while on their journey to Christ-like maturity but a genuinely life-changing experience as well. This book is a must-read for those who aspire to be true disciples of Jesus Christ and experience the true peace of God. – Timm Emmons, Pastor, The Father’s House Ministry – Monterey, California (theclarioncall.org)

To purchase a copy of Life Lessons in Transformation and Rest, click on this link- https://store.ihopkc.org

4 comments on “Home

  1. Susan Lucas
    August 18, 2012

    Does JC stand for Juliet Canha or Jesus Christ? Lol

    • julietcanha
      August 18, 2012

      Hi Susan, JC obviously stands for my initials, but my goal is to always stay as Christ Centered as possible. He is the “Wondeful Counselor,” and my job is to do my best to stay out of His way.

  2. Phyllis Jolliff
    April 3, 2015

    Yes Amen, thanks for your ministry. Be blessed

  3. Joy Gehman
    December 27, 2018


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